Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corinne is 8 months!

And she has the BEST natural mohawk.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

   Landry and Nolan on Valentine's Day
Corinne on Valentine's Day; 7 months old!!!

Corinne is changing so fast.  She is finally rolling over both ways and she is very proud of herself (and so are we).  She has two teeth, rarely gives into eating anything other than breast milk, and somehow still weighs a whopping 19lbs.  Let me remind you, this is more than Landry weighed on her first birthday. :)   She is saying "da-da-da-da" and thinks Landry and Nolan hung the sun and moon.  Nolan is still ga-ga over her, while Landry has her moments.  Corinne isn't even close to sitting up on her own.  She looks at me like I am crazy every time I try to sit her up.  Smart girl!  Why sit-up when you have four family members to do everything for you?
Landry is really getting into have her "private" time.  She likes to find little nooks to hang out in and draw and write.  Sometimes it feels like we have a teenager.  She is really into learning and is dying to start learning Spanish.  Only one problem - No abla Espanol.  She is reading very well and I couldn't be more proud of her.
Nolan is suddenly very hard of hearing and acts like he was unaware of the fact that you had told him not to do something.  He is also very tender-hearted.  He comes up to me and says "I love you Mama.  I really love you Buddy."  He can be the sweetest little guy sometimes.   He wrote his name on his own on Feb. 12th, which completely shocked me.  He hasn't stopped writing since.  He wants to be just like his big sister.  
Brian is still liking the job.  The flu is finally making it's appearance, so he's been very busy at work.  They have a new physician who started last month and he seems to be pretty good.  Thanks to Brian's persistence, they will no longer be taking hospital call, so things are about to get much sweeter for call days.  I have bowed down to the chaos and given up cooking most nights.  We eat out more than any humans should.  But, sanity is a must right now, so it is necessary.  
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