Monday, November 16, 2009

Words vs. Actions

When I try to think of the way I feel about my husband, three children, and two dogs, I can't seem to find the words. "Blessed, grateful, loved, thankful, . . ." Nope. Those aren't good enough. Words can only do so much to paint a picture of your feelings. I would assume that's intentional. After all, shouldn't it be harder to tell someone you love them than it is to show someone you love them? I wouldn't have always thought this. But, I know that when my child is sick or my husband is frustrated, I find it much easier to hug them than I do to tell them that it will be okay. I will get up at any hour of the night to put a hand on my child's back, or to crawl in their bed when they are scared. I know that even when I'm too tired to hold a good conversation with my sweet husband, I'm never too tired to cuddle with him on the couch.
During this Thanksgiving season, I'm thankful that God didn't just say he loves us. I'm grateful that God showed us he loves. I am loved by Jesus, and by His death, I am blessed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Tribute to the Kirbys

A couple of days ago I looked in on my son taking a nap. I had to chuckle because he was laid out on top of his covers, nothing on but boxer briefs. First of all, boxer briefs on little boys are so funny. Second of all, my dad and my older brother ALWAYS had to be walking around without a shirt on. Usually, they only had underwear on. I thought that was common practice in all households. Then, Brian told me otherwise.
Looking at Nolan sprawled across his covers, mouth open and in deep sleep, I could almost see him morph into a teenager. I thought about how hard it would be to wake him up for school in the mornings. I thought about the gigantic appetite he will probably acquire in 10 years. I thought about how long it would be before he was taller than me. I looked at him and thought about the fact that probably every parent sees their child as both fragile and invincible. I'm pretty sure that any parent that holds their child in their arms for the first time is thinking both about the enormous task of keeping them safe, and the bright future that awaits them during a long, happy, healthy life. I know I dance between those two thoughts several times a day. I can't help but think that most parents probably look at their child and see them living forever. No, I'm not talking about eternity in Heaven. I'm talking about sustaining life in a physical body. Thinking about the death of a child is too much. The mere thought is hard to grapple with. So, that day I peeked in on Nolan, I didn't think only about his future. . . I thought about my friends.
Bryan and Samantha Kirby are friends of ours from med school. Bryan and Brian share a lot of common interests, including the most important one. Yes, they are both Georgia Bulldog fans. They both love sports and both have a relationship with Jesus. Samantha and I had a lot in common. She's more shy and soft-spoken than I am, but we enjoy a lot of the same things. We both got a kick out of the fact that we were pretty short and happened to marry guys who weren't. We liked to talk about different recipes and were in Bible study together.
By the time med school rolled around, Bryan and Samantha had been married for longer than most of us had dated. I NEVER saw them fight or angry at each other. In fact, I have only seen them be kind, loving, and supportive to each other. Marriage seemed to come very easy for them. Unfortunately, having children did not.
I'm not sure how long the Kirbys "tried" for a child, but I know a lot of us were already on baby #2 when we received an e-mail titled "Pretty incredible news". That e-mail told us that they were pregnant with twins. We were nothing less than ecstatic for them. I cried. I was so happy that this couple who loved each other so much would be able to share their love with not one, but two children. Sadly, a few weeks later we received an e-mail saying that Samantha had miscarried at about 20 weeks along. I was so heart-broken for them both. We prayed diligently that God would bless them with another baby. Soon, He blessed them with two! Asa and Elijah Kirby were due September 3rd, but were born June 8th. Most of you moms out there just felt your stomach drop. If you've been pregnant, you know that you want your baby to stay put until at least 37 weeks. When talking about weeks, you definitely don't want them to make an appearance in the 20's. But, Asa and Elijah came very early. In their first days, the Kirbys started a blog. Each day I couldn't wait to get home to check the progress of their babies. Every tiny bit of progress was documented. Every scary moment was highlighted with an undertone of hope. I was often amazed at how upbeat and positive the posts were. In fact, one post read "Our boys are fat! Asa went to 1516 g today, but Eli went even higher to 1536 g!" (That's a little over 3 lbs each.) As the weeks went on, the news just kept getting better. There were definitely some hiccups along the way, but before I knew it, I received a message asking for Brian's rib recipe. The boys were celebrating their 2nd birthday! Sure, several of us reading the updates wondered if that day would ever come. Landry prayed every night for the Kirby boys. So did I. I would be willing to bet that there are hundreds of people who can say the same thing.
I wish I could change the earthly ending to this story. On September 21st, I received a call from a friend telling me "The Kirby boys passed away last night." I was very confused. . . then shocked. . . then ultimately crushed. She told me that it looked like their heating system was faulty and turned on over night, heating their upstairs (where the boys' room was) so much that they died of heatstroke. No need to tell you how sick I felt or how much pain I felt as a parent and a friend. No need to tell you the amount of time my mind was consumed by the tragedy that happened. No need to tell you that I still cry for two boys who will never graduate college or get married. And surely no need to tell you that I see my children differently now. I don't love them more (how could I?), but I treasure them more. I feel the reality of the fact that when a child dies, the possibility of what may have come dies with them.
I am writing this post as a tribute to the Kirbys. The day of their boys' death, their facebook status read "Bryan Samantha Kirby are thankful for the time God gave them with Asa Walker and Elijah John". That sentence changed me. I have never seen a thankful heart like that before. Never. What an awesome testament to our God. The Kirbys are an awesome testament to our God.

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rin is 15 months!!!

Need I tell you how fast 15 months has passed? I look at newborn pictures of Corinne and can vaguely remember those fleeting moments. I remember making a conscious effort to hold her for her middle-of-the-night feedings and to cherish every moment. I learned to do that after looking at Landry at a year old and thinking "Wow! Those "impossible" first few weeks really fly by!" I cherished all of Nolan's wee hour feedings, and vowed to do the same for any future children. I knew I wouldn't remember how tired I was the next day, but I would remember the moments sitting by a dim night-light, feeling my baby breathe, smelling that sweet baby smell, hearing those tiny little noises that only a baby can make. I do remember them, but it almost feels surreal. I look at little Rin and see that she is exploding into a toddler and I can't slow her down. She is an amazing little talker. She has been saying very complicated words since she was 9 months. In fact, that is the age she was sitting in her walker and said "Hey Mallory!" No kidding. This girl has an incredible vocabulary. She has called Brian "Daddy" for as long as I can remember. She calls Landry "Sissy", and Nolan " Bro-bro". Today she started saying "outside". She is great at "no", but hasn't grasped the concept of "yes". She is currently addicted (yes, addicted) to Gerber Graduates 'lil crunchies, mild cheddar flavor. She goes through a can every two or three days. They have afforded many enjoyable shopping ventures, and for that I have to say "Thank you, Gerber."
Rin has officially cut all four 1-year-molars. She had a hard time with them, but she's on the upswing.
In short, she's been such a blessing. I don't think it's any secret that she was a "surprise", but I just can't thank God enough for giving her to us. She's got a great big personality and our family would be lost without her. When Landry or Nolan are crying, she drops what she is doing to go hug them. She wakes-up every morning with a smile on her face. When I pick her up out of her crib, she leans back to take her hugs and kisses from her brother. She's a jewel and we couldn't love her more.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

August Kids Say. . .

The only thing I can recall from this month is something that Nolan said. This is what I have figured out from having young children. First, there are things you think in your head and dismiss quickly because you are too busy to think them through. Secondly, there are things you think in your head that you are forced to think out because they are pointed out by your 3-year-old and you realize that it is a matter that needs immediate attention. This was one of those moments. I know I need new under-garments. I have had three children in less than five years. In other words, I have been wearing maternity underwear for too long. The only thing good about that is my maternity underwear is actually in much better shape than my non-maternity underwear. Yes, I have failed to buy new underwear for many years now. I have that little thing in my head saying "Just wait. You'll look like you did when you were 20. That's when you will reward yourself with lots of new under-garments." Well, I still look a 32 who has had three children and two c-sections, so I have yet to purchase those black frilly thongs that look good under nothing. But, Nolan had catapulted me into action. My next day to myself, I will be going on a panty hunt. I got out of the shower and grabbed the closest pair of underwear I could find. I didn't think twice about color or shape. I just threw them on and started digging through my shorts to see which ones weren't too wrinkled to wear. Then Nolan came in with the following comment"

Nolan: "Mom, I like your underwear. They're soft with fuzzies on them."

Friday, August 21, 2009

There's a Kindergartener Among Us

I don't know how this happened. I went to bed one night after tucking my newborn in the pack-n-play 2 feet from my bed, and I woke-up the next morning having to walk down the hall to get a 3-foot 9 1/2-inch 5 -year-old out of her full-size bed. She's groggy. I'm awake but still a little confused. What happened to that little bundle of sweetness who had just a little sprinkling of peach fuzz on her head? She now has long, beautiful blonde hair. Her eyes are the same, but everything else has changed. I look at her in awe as she stretches and rolls over to put her feet on the floor. She smiles and starts her dialog about what the day is going to bring. I snap out of my fog as I chase her down the steps giving her directions in step-by-step format for getting ready for her first "full" day of kindergarten. Of course, she only hears about 1/3 of what I say, so I start repeating at a rapid rate. "Hurry. We need to be on-time." I run up the stairs to pluck her siblings from their warm beds. One of them is happy to be starting his first day at his new school, while the other glares at me through watery eyes that are saying "You will pay for this later". And, I did, as she cried for 30 minutes when I put her down for her morning nap. I come back down the stairs and continue to look a my first-born. She's happy. She's excited. She can hardly eat because there is a class and teacher waiting for her arrival, and she doesn't want to disappoint. A warm tingly feeling comes over me. Tears come to my eyes. My throat has a relentless lump in it. My stomach starts to knot-up. I go back and forth in my mind all of the reasons I shouldn't be crying. . . then all of the reasons I should be. Suddenly I look at the clock and realize I should have been out the door two minutes earlier. I shake off my rush of emotions and yell for the kids to "get in and buckle". We race down the driveway and are off to school. Nolan talks about how well he's going to do when I drop him off. He was right. Landry sits in her seat with her headphones on, bopping along to Alvin and the Chipmunks. She has a perma-grin. There's no wiping that smile off . She's on cloud 9. Loving life. Things just couldn't be better. I drop them off into the hands of a stranger. I beat him up with a couple of questions. I give him the look that says "My children are in you hands. Don't mess this up." I "ask" if someone will be walking them to their classrooms. He says they will if I would like. Well, of course I "would like". He takes each child by the hand and escorts them into the front door. I sit there staring. They are happy. They are elated. They are beaming. They are big. I am crushed. Not in the way that breaks your heart, but in the way that holds you under a sentimental grasp for quite some time. That little baby is now a little lady. And I couldn't be more proud.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

July Kids Say. . .

I am such a slacker! I have skipped the past couple of months on my "kids say" posts. So, here are the three I remember from July.

We have a black aluminum fence in our back yard. Every morning we sit at the breakfast table and look out into our back yard and see what's going on back there. Most of the time we see our two dogs, some toys left out from the night before, and several birds depleting the bird feeder at a rapid rate. One morning Nolan looked out the window to find the gate of our fence COVERED in bird poop. Our black fence was now a white fence. It was completely covered!

Nolan: "There is bird poop everywhere!!!"
Landry: "Yeah, isn't that amazing? It's like they decorated our fence for us."
Nolan: "Yeah, it's nice of them to do that. I love birds."


When I was pregnant with Corinne, Landry frequently asked how we got that baby. Since I am saving the birds and bees talk for. . . well. . . never, I told her that we prayed for God to give us a baby. Of course, we prayed for the baby from the day I found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and every day after that. Every time we prayed with the kids, we would pray for our new brother or sister. Still, Landry was pretty relentless in her questions. She wanted to know how the baby got in there, and most of all, how bad was it going to hurt to get that baby out of there? She vividly remembered my c-section incision from having Nolan. She was quite obsessed with it for a while. After Corinne was born, she was just mortified at the whole process. The IV's, the blood pressure checks, the shots, and, of course, the freshly glued incision.
So, one night in July after Brian read Landry her Bible story, Landry looked at me and said "Why did you marry Daddy?" I told her that we were friends and that we loved each other and that we wanted to be married. It was a very quick answer due to the fact that it was way past bed time. The following conversation is what came next.

Landry: "Okay. I'm friends with Four. I like him. He loves me. So, I'm going to marry him."

Me: "Well, you never know. You have a long time before you will be getting married. You might meet someone else that you want to marry."

Landry: "Oh, no. I AM marrying Four."

Me: "Okay. Time to go to sleep. I love you." I start to walk out of the door and Landry sits up.

Landry: "Mom?" Long pause. "Now that I know who I'm going to marry, when do I start praying for God to NOT bring me a baby?"


In keeping with the above story, Landry has told me several times that she doesn't want to have children. I told her she may change her mind. I've also told her that I would really like to be a grandma someday. So, now she has decided that she will adopt a baby. The other night I was braiding Landry's hair while it was still wet so she could have wavy hair the next day.

Landry: "When you adopt a baby, do you get it for free or do you pay money for it?"

Me: "You pay. A lot."

Landry: "Well, I'm going to pay for a girl baby so I can braid her hair. I'm going to have a daughter. She's going to say 'Mama, you're the best hair briader'. That's the kind of little girl I'm going to adopt. Then I'm going to tell her that I'm so good at it because my mom braided my hair when I was little."

I think that was her way of telling me that she appreciates that I braid her hair. It's a round-about way, but I got the picture. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The End of an Era

My baby girl is on the brink of turning one. It is completely unimaginable to me that it has been a year since I was preparing to go in for a scheduled c-section. I knew very early on in my pregnancy with Corinne that she would be our last baby. She was number three and final. My whole pregnancy was bittersweet. Well, the whole pregnancy was sweet, but it did often creep into my mind that I would never again feel that high of holding my newborn for the first time. I would never prepare another nursery or toss a million names around in my mind. I don't think it really hit me until recently that I would no longer be searching for that first tooth, or waiting for that first roll from back to front. No more first words. No more mid-night feedings. No more coos from a bobble-headed baby. Wow. . . we are entering a new phase in our lives. I should be excited, right?
Okay, there is a little excitement. Especially when I think about going on vacations without a pack-n-play or without an assortment of other things. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will cut our luggage weight in half when Corinne officially departs from baby to toddler. Of course, there will be just as much that I miss as there is that I am looking forward to.
Good-bye baby days. May our future days be just as wonderful as those we leave in the past.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making Moments

It has been said that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.  Can't really say I agree.  In fact, I would say that my life has been made up of a lot of little moments that weren't so breath-taking.  A lot of little moments that I wouldn't trade for the world, even though they may be viewed as ordinary, possibly boring or mundane.  Of course, I have had some moments that were "mile-markers" in my life, and even a few moments that have taken my breath away.  But, it's the little moments that I think back on and chuckle or frown, sigh in relief or in awe.  It's the little moments that have come together to shape the woman I am today.  Big or small, I wouldn't the be same if I had not experienced each and every one of them.  And for that, I am thankful.  
Here are a few of the moments that are threads in the fabric of my life.

  • My parents divorcing and all of the things that come along with it 
  • Heading off to college and knowing it all
  • Cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs
  • Dating - thank you Lord that this stage of my life is over. :)
  • Traveling without kids
  • Hearing that my roommate from college died in a car wreck and finally grasping the frailty of life
  • Bringing home Max, followed the next day by bringing home Mallory, who was at the pet store where I had gone to get food for Max.  She was the last dog left.
  • Being loved by grandparents that weren't "blood" 
  • Getting engaged
  • Seeing my groom anxiously awaiting my entrance
  • Buying our first house
  • A positive pregnancy test x 3
  • Not sleeping for four days so I could stay up to watch my newborn baby breathe
  • Dropping my child off at preschool for the first time
  • Planting flowers with little ones who make you remember how amazing flowers really are
  • Having Landry say "Is that a snake" as she pointed right behind me.  The answer was yes.
  • Letting my child eat popcorn for the first time 
  • Getting up in the middle of the night to lay a hand on my baby's back
  • Sleeping in bed with my sick child and seeing their relief when they wake-up and see that I didn't sneak out when they fell asleep
  • Trying to make a decision involving my newborn and having my mom say "I know you'll make the right choice"
  • The joy on Landry's face when we declare it's "movie night"
  • Reminiscing with my husband and realizing how far we've come
  • My husband telling me I'm a great mom and a great wife
  • Having strangers tell me on a daily basis how beautiful my family is
  • Most recently, my friend sending me an e-mail that had a news clip for "mother of the year", which she had inserted my name. Thanks Samantha!
  • Seeing birds enjoying the food we've put out for them
  • Seeing squirrels enjoy the food we put out for the birds
The list goes on and on.  Every day there are more moments that are sweet and irreplaceable, even if they didn't take my breath away.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The picture on the left is of Landry playing teeball. She loves it! Nolan hasn't quite come to terms with the fact that he's not on the team. He runs out on the field like he owns the place and waits for the ball to come his way. I've tried to explain to him that he's not old enough to play yet, but he looks at me and says "Look at me. I'm big! I'm three! That's big!" If you're wondering why he's holding rocks in front of his face in this picture, it's because he refuses to take a serious picture. I have to trick him into it. . . or offer a handsome bribe. He thinks he is so funny. . . Okay, he's funny.
Landry really works hard on the teeball field. She runs after EVERY ball. It doesn't need to be in her general vicinity for her to go after it. When she does get it, she takes her glove off and looks around for a few seconds. Then she throws it as hard as she can to first base. She picks her glove back up, puts it on, and looks my way and waves. She is just as proud as we are. :)

These are the munchkins at Walt Disney World. We had such a great time! I can't believe it, but I can't wait to go back. It was a great week away from all of the things that peck away at our time every day (work, computer, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.). I am so thankful that we took this trip. There are a lot more pictures. So far, I have only put them on facebook. That took so long that I don't know if I will get around to putting them on here. If you're not on facebook, you should be! I'm pretty skeptical about that kind of thing, but it has been a great and efficient way for me to keep up with people and to share pictures.

She's getting there. . .

Corinne is finally sitting up pretty well.  I can't believe it has taken this long, but I'm not complaining!  If she was crawling, I don't know if I handle it.  She is a professional roller, though.  So, she can get into stuff she's not supposed to at a rapid rate.  
She is heading towards 10 months, which just completely shocks me.  Time has been a blur with all of our kids, but especially with Corinne.  I have mad it a point to really sit down and enjoy the few minutes I have with her when Landry and Nolan are at school.  She is really a joy.  She melts my heart several times a day and I am so very thankful that God gave her to us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corinne is 8 months!

And she has the BEST natural mohawk.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

   Landry and Nolan on Valentine's Day
Corinne on Valentine's Day; 7 months old!!!

Corinne is changing so fast.  She is finally rolling over both ways and she is very proud of herself (and so are we).  She has two teeth, rarely gives into eating anything other than breast milk, and somehow still weighs a whopping 19lbs.  Let me remind you, this is more than Landry weighed on her first birthday. :)   She is saying "da-da-da-da" and thinks Landry and Nolan hung the sun and moon.  Nolan is still ga-ga over her, while Landry has her moments.  Corinne isn't even close to sitting up on her own.  She looks at me like I am crazy every time I try to sit her up.  Smart girl!  Why sit-up when you have four family members to do everything for you?
Landry is really getting into have her "private" time.  She likes to find little nooks to hang out in and draw and write.  Sometimes it feels like we have a teenager.  She is really into learning and is dying to start learning Spanish.  Only one problem - No abla Espanol.  She is reading very well and I couldn't be more proud of her.
Nolan is suddenly very hard of hearing and acts like he was unaware of the fact that you had told him not to do something.  He is also very tender-hearted.  He comes up to me and says "I love you Mama.  I really love you Buddy."  He can be the sweetest little guy sometimes.   He wrote his name on his own on Feb. 12th, which completely shocked me.  He hasn't stopped writing since.  He wants to be just like his big sister.  
Brian is still liking the job.  The flu is finally making it's appearance, so he's been very busy at work.  They have a new physician who started last month and he seems to be pretty good.  Thanks to Brian's persistence, they will no longer be taking hospital call, so things are about to get much sweeter for call days.  I have bowed down to the chaos and given up cooking most nights.  We eat out more than any humans should.  But, sanity is a must right now, so it is necessary.  
Now you are up to date on the Wysong Report.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

February. . . Kids say. . .

We are driving by a cemetery and Landry says "Mom, when you die I'm going to plant you in that garden."


Landry:  I like brown people.
Me:  You should.  They are no different than you are, they just have a different color skin.
Landry:  I really like brown people.  Especially when they can speak Spanish.  


Landry and Nolan love to dip their chicken (and everything else) in mayonnaise.  When we get Chick-fil-A, I let them each have one packet of mayo.  When they run out, they just have to eat the rest of their food without it.  Landry asked why they can't have all of the mayo they want and I told her b/c it wasn't good for your body.  Of course, she wanted to know exactly why it's not good for your body.  I tried to sum it up by saying that eating too much of anything makes you heavy and that being heavy makes your heart work harder than it should.  She summed it up by saying "Oh, you mean it gives you a big bottom?"  A lot of you probably know my mortifying story of being in the grocery store when Landry was three and having her watch a very large woman walking in front of us.  She said with complete shock and loud enough for everyone in NC to hear her "Whoa, Mom!  That girl has a big bottom!!!"  I'm sure you can imagine how wonderful I felt at that moment.  Following that day, we have had many conversations about etiquette and keeping certain thoughts contained inside of your head.  We have also had many conversations about how bottoms get big.  Oh, how I wish I could defer those questions to her Daddy. . .
The other day, this is the conversation we had at lunch.

Landry:  Nolan, don't eat too much mayonnaise because your bottom will get big.  Boys look silly with big bottoms.  Only girls should have big bottoms.
Me:  Not all girls have big bottoms.  
Landry:  You do.

I love those warm-fuzzy moments around the dinner table. . .

Nolan to Corinne:  Rinney Pie, you don't have some bunch of hair like I do, but I love your mohawk.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Match

About a year ago in my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group, the woman that heads it up, Jane, had an eye-opening task for us.  I challenge each of you to do it as you go along, actually writing down your answers.  Don't read ahead before you write your own answers.

Jane:  "On your sheet of paper, write down the three things you spend most of your time doing."


Jane:  "Now, write down the three things that are most important in your life."

(Pause)  Go ahead, write your answers.  I'll wait for you to finish. . .

Here is what I wrote:

The three things I spend most of my time doing:

1) Laundry 
2) Taking care of the kids 
3) Cleaning/cooking

The three things that are most important to me:

1) God
2) My husband
3) My children

Jane:  "Now, see how the match up."

I'm sure you are realizing that my answers did not match up with each other.  Did yours?  I'm telling you, I think about this little "task" more often than you can imagine.  It was shocking to me.  It was confusing to me.  Most of all, it was gut-wrenchingly sad to me.  As I sat on my computer today checking my e-mail, updating Facebook, looking at clothing sales, etc., I was tapped on the shoulder by my conscience and asked if I had forgotten the sinking feeling I had that day so long ago in MOPS.   Did I not remember how I had pledged to make these two lists identical?  Had I already forgotten that my time should be spent with that which is most important to me?  I had.  I do.  Everyday, I have to remind myself.  I don't know why it doesn't just happen that the people and things that are most important to you take up the largest portion of your day.  Or. . . maybe it does.  Maybe it does and that is why I had that sinking feeling when I compared my lists.  Maybe my lack of "me" time has manifested itself in other ways.  After all, if I need some time alone, I'm sure to find it when I'm cleaning the bathrooms, sorting Landry, picking up groceries, vacuuming, cooking supper, and the many other monotonous chores that cloud my days.  Rarely does anyone jump up to join me for those things.  But, I become more and more aware that my priorities are out of whack.  My first-born is already five.  My son wonders why he can't start kindergarten with his big sis.  My "newborn" is half way through her seventh month and rolling all over the place.  
As I am repeatedly reminded throughout the day that time is not standing still waiting for me to get it together, I find myself negotiating the lists.  More importantly, I find myself praying for help to make them match. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January - Kids Say. . .

This is a new addition to my blog.  I am going to put the funny things my kids say from each month.  Here are a few from this past month.

We are planning a trip to Disney World.  Of course, this has been the topic of many conversations at our house.

Landry:  "Mom, what do they have at Disney World?"
Me:  "Everything."
Landry:  "Do they have snow?"
Me:  "No, I don't think they have snow."
Landry:  "Then why did you say they have everything?"


During the presidential inauguration:

Me:  "That's George W. Bush.  That's Barack Obama.  That's Joe Biden."
Landry:  "Where are Stafford and Moreno?"

(For those of you who don't know, Stafford was the quarterback for Georgia and Moreno was their super-star running back.  Yes, our kids are brain-washed.)


McDonald's recently opened within a mile of our house.  Unfortunately, we have to pass by there every time going to or from school.  Nolan is very interested in new things and as we were passing by one day he said "Mama, that house is pretty!  I said "that's not a house, it's McDonald's."  He said "Donald's house is pretty!"  Since it has opened, the kids beg to go there.  (They have only eaten McDonald's once or twice.  I REALLY don't like McDonald's.)  One day after school, they talked me into getting them lunch from there.

Nolan:  "Can we go to Donald's?"
Me:  "How about Chick-Fil-A?"
Nolan and Landry:  "Noooooo.  Please go to McDonald's."
Me:  "Fine, we'll go through the drive-thru."

We come up to the speaker and the guy tells us that the credit card machine is broken and they can only take cash.  I NEVER have cash, so we had to leave.  

Nolan:  "Don't drive.  You didn't get our food!"
Me:  "We can't get anything from there because their credit card machine is broken."
Nolan:  "Can we please go get them some batteries so they can fix it?"

That's about all that I can remember from January.  The funniest thing we have going on right now is Nolan reading Goodnight Moon.  It has become an R-rated version due to the fact that Nolan cannot clearly say "sitting".  So it's "and there were three little bears s_itting on chairs. . .  "  Of course, we can't help but ask him "What were they doing on the chairs?"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Cabinet?!?

Landry was very interested in parts of the inauguration yesterday.  When Rick Warren started to pray, she sat down and carefully listened to every word.  I was watching her with pride and admiration, knowing that she wants to pray more like an adult.  She was excited when he used the word liberty, because she was familiar with that word from the the Pledge of Allegiance.  She was still listening with great focus when all of the sudden she got a confused look on her face.  Then she just started cracking up laughing.  I said "What's so funny?"  She said "That man just prayed for the cabinet!  That is so funny to pray for a cabinet!"  At that point I think she saw that this man could teach her nothing and she got up and went to play with Play-doh.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Landry had her party at My Gym in Charlotte.  She and the other kids had tons of fun.  It was a little dangerous for the younger siblings, but everyone came out in one piece.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Landry!!!!

Today is Landry's 5th birthday!  Oh, how I thank my Lord for the gift of this child.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She did it!!!

Landry's desires overcame her fears and she got her ears pierced for her 5th birthday.  She didn't skip a beat.  I was more nervous than she was!  The girl has nerves of steel when she wants something!  She keeps telling me that she doesn't believe that she has her ears pierced and that she thinks it's not real.  Then she says "Is it March 7th yet?"  You guessed it.  That's the day she gets to change her earrings.