Sunday, September 27, 2009

August Kids Say. . .

The only thing I can recall from this month is something that Nolan said. This is what I have figured out from having young children. First, there are things you think in your head and dismiss quickly because you are too busy to think them through. Secondly, there are things you think in your head that you are forced to think out because they are pointed out by your 3-year-old and you realize that it is a matter that needs immediate attention. This was one of those moments. I know I need new under-garments. I have had three children in less than five years. In other words, I have been wearing maternity underwear for too long. The only thing good about that is my maternity underwear is actually in much better shape than my non-maternity underwear. Yes, I have failed to buy new underwear for many years now. I have that little thing in my head saying "Just wait. You'll look like you did when you were 20. That's when you will reward yourself with lots of new under-garments." Well, I still look a 32 who has had three children and two c-sections, so I have yet to purchase those black frilly thongs that look good under nothing. But, Nolan had catapulted me into action. My next day to myself, I will be going on a panty hunt. I got out of the shower and grabbed the closest pair of underwear I could find. I didn't think twice about color or shape. I just threw them on and started digging through my shorts to see which ones weren't too wrinkled to wear. Then Nolan came in with the following comment"

Nolan: "Mom, I like your underwear. They're soft with fuzzies on them."