Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kids Say...

Corinne has been potty-trained since she turned two. Lately she has been wetting her pants a little on a pretty regular basis.
Me: "Corinne, why are you tee-teeing in your pants? That's what babies do. Two-years olds don't tee-tee in their pants, so why do you?"
Corinne: "Because I'm three."

Guess I should have specified that they don't tee-tee in their pants either.


Nolan asked me a while back if the beach was real. That prompted me book us a beach trip asap. In October, we pull into the condo we rented in Isle of Palms, SC and the kids anxiously get out of the car and head to the door. Nolan walks straight in and opens the sliding door and walks out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean. He spreads his arms wide, lifts his chin up and says, "Hellllllllll-O California!" I feel quite certain that he thinks that is where we were for the next 3 days. :)


Corinne was going through this little dollar store board book that has tons of animals in it. She was asking me about what each animal "does".
Rin: "Mom, what does this lion do?"
Me: "He roars and he can claw and bite you."
Rin: "Mom, what does this crab do?"
Me: "He can pinch you."
We get to a picture of a wolf and Corinne's eyes get really big and she gets a very serious look on her face. "That's a wolf... he blows houses down."


Nolan: "Mom, if you die when I'm 6, I can drive your car around because I know how to drive... and I could use all of your credit cards. Wouldn't that be awesome?!?"


I told Landry we need to name our owl. She said, "I did. His name is Mr. Hooters. You know, after the restaurant."
We have since changed his name to Bobby... Bobby Hooters.

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