Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kids Say...

My kids go to a Christian school and they start each day with the Bible. Nolan is soaking up so much and often uses the lesson from that day to help him work out certain frustrating situations. As he's talking it out, he usually begins with "The Bible says..." Lately he seems to be rewriting the Bible and is making me wonder if we should get a tuition refund. Here are two of Nolan's "Bible verses".

"The Bible says, 'Only listen to God and your mom and dad. Never listen to childrens, girls, or people who bully you up and hit you.' Matthew 6:26"

"The Bible says, 'Santa is real, you just can't see him because he comes when you are sleeping.' Matthew 20:80:60"


We spent Easter with the in-laws this year. The kids love this because there are always several egg hunts that go on when we are there. This year we even went to Brian's parents' church and hunted eggs there. Each child came back with a basket over-flowing with plastic eggs. When we went to pack everything up to head home, the baskets (still filled with eggs) got put on top of all of our other luggage. We stopped at our favorite produce stand on the way home to pick-up some strawberries. Brian opened the back of the van and out came two of the baskets and all of the eggs they were holding. Pastel eggs were rolling all over the parking lot as Brian and two other men at the produce stand went chasing after them. Landry, sitting in the third row seat, looked out her window and let out a huge laugh. "Looks who's having an Easter hunt now, Dad!"

A couple of days ago Nolan actually ate all of his lunch without complaint. Then he drank his whole cup of juice. He was looking a little queasy and lethargic. He took his shirt off and came over to me rubbing his distended belly. "Look, Mom. My belly is getting big......... like Dad's." When Brian came home Nolan told him that soon they would be able to "bump bellies". :)


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